6 ways to maximise your network ROI in 2018

IT departments strive for cost-effective collaboration and connectivity.

In particular businesses expanding across the globe must find effective ways to maximise the benefits of network deployment, reducing scaling costs.

1. Re-evaluate network costs

In the past, global organisations relied on complex legacy network architectures such as MPLS and add-on WAN optimization equipment to support branch office connectivity. Despite being relatively stable, this strategy came with high monetary, implementation and labor costs. In addition, WAN Optimization Controllers, more often than not, need to be phased out and re-purchased every refresh cycle.

2. Reduce the hassle of managing a multi-vendor environment

A multi-vendor approach is frequently problematic for IT organisations.
The amount of time spent managing contracts, renegotiating prices or SLA (Service Level Agreements), and more importantly, making sure that every solution runs effectively can become a second job.

CIOs and IT managers need a fully integrated connectivity solutions from a partner who can offer bundled services.

3. Keep in sync with overall company strategy by planning ahead of time

What does your business growth strategy look like? Is your enterprise planning to expand geographically? Or perhaps planning to mitigate to cloud? Regardless, it is important to identify the key network initiatives to help structure the back-office roadmap.
The “just get it done” approach leads to poor planned and defective results. The solution is to simply keep a proactive approach in the long term business goal and periodically review alternatives for faster deployment, greater agility and scalability.

4. Hand it over to the experts

According to a research from Vanson Bourne(https://www.vansonbourne.com/research-report/state-of-enterprise-it-2017), IT teams end up spending a minimum of one third of their time fighting fires rather than carrying out proactive, strategic work.
As IT complexity increases, the demand and pressures on teams will only increase, leaving little or no time for innovation. In this highly demanding environment, finding a partner or service provider that can take the hassle out of managing multiple vendors and keeping the lights on, so IT can focus on more strategic initiatives.

5. Monitor and measure

Time is money. And the time an organization’s network performs better, and applications respond faster, has monetary value.

An intelligent and intuitive monitoring tool can help administrators gain a granular view of network health and more importantly, predict and problems before they happen.

6. Automate networks to reduce human intervention

Save time and hassle by reducing human intervention activities such as network configuration, identifying and troubleshooting issues, and assign bandwidth.
Ampito’s solutions can help you to:
• Reduce the need to touch individual switches
• Deliver services wherever needed on-demand
• Remotely set up acceleration functions
• Configure appropriate settings without sales engineers or system integrators