SD-WAN and the Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is now part of our everyday life. From apps monitoring heart rates directly from smartphones to real-time traffic information in connected cars, we’re more and more dependent on this technology.

Organisations are also seeing the value in such connectivity, with many examples of how IoT is improving internal efficiencies (for example using connected utilities to monitor office-space usage, or through automating manual processes). They are mainly using IoT to streamline workflows and improve data optimisation.

However, due to a shift in requirements and an explosion of endpoints, businesses are facing a great amount of complexity, all of which can impact processes. As a result, the Internet of Things are causing organisations to rethink the role of their network, where it exists, what it looks like, and how it must be managed.

Indeed, with multiple locations connecting hundreds of devices, it can become difficult to manage. Organisations need to see data traffic flow in one simple interface to navigate this.

SD-WAN provides the predictability and visibility that businesses need to make their IoT applications work as required. It can ensure that IoT devices in remote sites get the bandwidth, security, and other treatment and resources they require.

With SD-WAN technology, organisations can reduce complexity, bring down costs, improve performance, automate operations and rely on a security layer that works and can be constantly improved without additional investments – all through a single unified platform.

Deploy RedSwan SD-WAN powered by Silver Peak to simplify your WAN architecture, so your IoT initiatives can scale quickly and securely and in line with changing business requirements.