SD-WAN: The new landscape of networking

Nowadays, networks must work hard to deliver the required experiences over the cloud, but unfortunately an influx of data and devices is pushing the limits of the traditional WAN architectures making it nearly impossible for networks to keep up. It is in these kinds of situations that we would introduce Cisco SD-WAN.

By choosing Cisco SD-WAN you choose to benefit from a substantial number of features, in this blog we are going to focus on how this product can improve your business.

#1 – More bandwidth for less cost.
Cisco SD-WAN offers faster, easier deployments and operations, as well a better performance. Combine Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) with low-cost broadband services using a hybrid WAN approach and therefore save time rolling out new services and branches.

#2 - Unified security architecture for multicloud connectivity.
Cisco SD-WAN provides a robust security architecture to connect users to applications with best-in-class security deployment models combining branch and cloud edge.

#3 - Central management for all polices, even across multicloud environments.
Whether you are managing ten or a thousand locations, SD-WAN simplifies network management. With a single WAN fabric, all policies and configurations can be centrally managed, even across multicloud environments.
The result? True simplicity at an enterprise scale.

#4 – Seamless integration across system
Cisco Application Program Interfaces (API) enable IT to seamlessly integrate its existing operation environment with Cisco SD-WAN while also allowing a high level of flexibility to deliver capabilities that might not be available within Cisco.

#5 – Smooth transformation, without hurdles
The Cisco Customer Experience team can provide you with the right support for a smooth transformation from WAN to SD-WAN that is easy and without hurdles.

The new landscape of intelligent networking is here. Are you ready? Contact us to get more information and to improve your business with SD-WAN technology.