Cloud-First Enterprise: Strategies and solutions

All cloud initiatives have applications and data centralised, while the users are distributed. As enterprises shift more computing workloads to the cloud, and as departments outside of IT access more SaaS services over the Internet, the network becomes more complex and IT staff begin to lose visibility and control over that traffic. The IT organisation cannot troubleshoot problems or optimise applications the way they would on their own network.
However, RedSwan and Silver Peak have the right solutions for your business, improving performance and connectivity while helping your IT staff.

SP Percentages It's all about the Cloud

Enterprises continue to move applications to the cloud. Knowledge workers now use Software as-a-Service (SaaS) applications such as Office365 on a daily basis, moreover, they access email from cloud-hosted services, store documents and backups on solutions like Dropbox. Finally, ERP and CRM systems are primarily cloud-hosted today. Enterprises increasingly choose Infrastructure as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions for lower costs while increasing IT agility.

Silver Peak's Cloud Intelligence aggregates ever-changing information about SaaS providers, including the physical locations where the providers’ data is being served and provides minute-to-minute updates to Unity EdgeConnect appliances about Internet weather patterns. Consequently, the appliances use this data to measure the loss, latency and other metrics from their locations to different services in the cloud. This information is broadcasted to all other instances on the Unity fabric, enabling Silver Peak Unity to calculate the optimal end-to-end path for any user on the network to any SaaS destination.

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- Click here and watch this Silver Peak webcast to learn how you can build a work-from-anywhere WAN!
- Do you want to learn more about Silver Peak SD-WAN? Click this link and download the eBook to find out Six Ways a Business-Driven SD-WAN Edge Yields a Multiplier Effect on Digital Transformation Investments.

Finally, if you are looking to embark on a journey to the cloud and have a Cloud-First strategy, join our event in collaboration with Silver Peak!


Cloud strategies have enabled companies to continue operating seamlessly throughout an unprecedented crisis that could have easily brought business processes and productivity to a halt. Join RedSwan, part of the Ampito Group, and Silver Peak to discuss why having a Cloud-First Strategy is now more important than ever and how our SD-WAN solution enable digital transformation.

Thursday 16th July at 4pm
Join us to discover more about the Cloud-First Enterprise and Silver Peak SD-WAN solutions
for digital transformation, with the help of our experts:

Joe Chandiram - SD-WAN Commercial Lead at Ampito
Richard Moir - Systems Engineer at Silver Peak

16.00 : Introduction and RedSwan partnership with Silver Peak
16.15 : Why Silver Peak SD-WAN for the Cloud-First Enterprise
16.30 : Q&A
16.50 : Thanks and greetings

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